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Mitigating Potholes One At A Time!


News Article / Asphalt Magazine heralds Rubberized Pellets

Phoenix Industries produces dry mix modified binder for paving & patching


News Article / Road Crews fixing Potholes Caught in Vicious Circle

Road crews repairing potholes are locked in a never-ending battle. But, as CBS 2′s Don Champion reported, the work is more complicated than you might think. Even as crews patch potholes, new and existing craters continue to surface.

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News Article /Chicago Potholes trigger record number of damage claims

At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, more than 1,100 damage to vehicles claims were introduced, the most the City Clerk’s office that fields those complaints has ever seen, spokesman Pat Corcoran said. Read more

News Article / Winnipeg Mayoral Candidate seeks pothole relief as campaign issue

Winnipeg’s newest mayoral candidate believes his pothole-patching plan is the key to cementing his political aspirations. “You can be assured that I’m going to be a cost-efficient guy, there’s not any money that’s going to go to waste,” said Mike Vogiatzakis, owner of Voyage Funeral Home in Elmwood, during a press conference at the Thunderbird Restaurant on McPhillips Street on Friday.
“It’s taxpayers money and we should be accountable for what we’re doing at city hall, so when I get in there and I see how much money we have and what we can do with it, be assured that we’ll find a solution that’s going to be efficient, that’s going to fix roads and that’ll be a permanent fix.”

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News Article / Asphalt Magazine Heralds Rubberized Pellets

Phoenix Industries dry mix modified Asphalt binder for paving & patching

News Article / Road Crews Fixing Potholes Caught in Vicious Circle

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News Article / Chicago potholes trigger record number of damage claims


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NYC DOT testing a new asphalt mixture

Read the article from Better Roads dated 1/2/2015

PelletPATCH at New Jersey Municipal League November, 2014


PelletPATCH at APWA Toronto

Sal Marra & Ray Riddell demonstrate the new Trough Feeder System for the Asphalt Patch Master

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